All District Audition Results

On Saturday, December 14th, many of the Skyhawk Band members auditioned for All District Band.  (Yes, they auditioned the morning before the State Championship football game.)

We would like to congratulate the following Skyhawks for successfully auditioning to make All District Band this year.

NAME                                INSTRUMENT                      BAND

Lauryn Evans                          Bassoon                       2nd chair Concert

Morgan Hill                             Clarinet                       10th chair Concert

Jordan Wallace                       Bass Clarinet              1st chair Concert

Beau Reynolds                        Bass Clarinet              4th chair Concert

Joe O’Neill                               French Horn               7th chair Concert

Lauren Riley                            Alto Sax                       4th chair Concert

Alec Livingston                       Trumpet                      5th chair Symphonic

Quentin Hynst                         Trumpet                      9th chair Symphonic

Tyler Coleman                        Trumpet                       12th chair Symphonic

Tony Marant                           Trumpet                      5th chair Concert

Ben Rogers                              Trumpet                      7th chair Concert

And how about those Skyhawk trumpets?  3 of the top 12 chairs and 5 of the total 24 spots went to our Skyhawk trumpets out of 101 trumpets to audition.

We are also proud of all of the Skyhawk band members for performing in the snow and sleet and rain on Saturday to support their football team.

For full audition results, please visit .


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