TAG DAY_ 9/9/17

Good Afternoon Skyhawk Band Family!

As I am sure many of you are aware Tag Day, our biggest fundraiser of the year, is coming up this Saturday 9/9/17.

There are likely many families that are still asking themselves “what is Tag Day?” Let me give you a little overview of what Tag Day is all about!

Tag Day is a fundraiser for the band when our kids, dressed in their full band uniform (or if it is too hot, their Band T-shirt), go door to door in sellect neighborhoods in the L.C. Bird School district asking for donations.

The kids gather in groups of 4. Each group has a parent driver/chaperone to drive them to their selected neighborhood. When they reach their neighborhood – they will break into groups of 2 and visit each home on each side of the street. Once that street has been “tagged” – they will move on to the next street until their assigned neighborhood is complete.

They will have literature about the L.C. Bird Skyhawks Marching Band to provide to each home when asking for a monetary donation. If homes are unable to donate – they are left with the literature that includes a link to our website where they are able to donate online if they wish.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • 8:30 AM: Call Time for Students and Drivers: Students will get dressed in their uniforms and Drivers will be provided their “tag day folder” with their assigned neighborhood map and important information.
  • 9:00AM: Ready to Roll Out! Teams meet up with their driver and proceed to their assigned neighborhood
  • 12:00PM: Return to School for lunch: Little Caesars Pizza provided by the band boosters
  • 1:00PM: Roll Out Again! Students fed and energy refueled…..we head back out to complete our assigned neighborhoods
  • 3:00PM: Return to school: All Teams should be back at school no later than 3:00PM

This is an organized event that requires a great deal of parent participation. As you can see we have a very busy schedule for this day and it is important for each band member to fully participate.

The only way we are able to make that happen is to have parent volunteers. We need parents not only to drive – but we will need a few parents to stay back in the band room to help serve lunch and to be around to assist as needed.

Thank you to those who have already signed up to drive!

For those that have not had a chance to sign up – we are still in need of additional drivers.

Please follow the link below to volunteer to help:


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